ContentX - Branding

This company counts on a group of professionals in different disciplines (Human Resources, Communication, Marketing, Business Administration, Psychology and Journalism), fascinated with the new digital paradigm and excited to break old schemes.

"[...] today the challenge is to incorporate new, agile and immediate ways of management, and we think about the inclusion of recreational environments in areas that are not recreational such as work, we need to experience a path known to all, but very little traveled in changes of human management."
-Borrajo, V. & Ponce, M.

The logotype design plays with the concept of maths potencial, bringing the idea of the creation of a powerful project, focus on the streghth of all the areas.
The use of bright colours and the constrasting with the black shows us the responsibilities front of the projects and the recreational ways to do them.

The website was designed under those concepts and the dinamism that how the group of professionals work.


With the group of professional in all the areas, we have worked preparing the image for trainee programs for international companies. I was in charge of the website designs, working with their branding manual, but getting some freedom on it, having analyzed that these websites were aimed at young adults.

Ingredion Trainee Program 2021.