Estudio Locht - Branding

Estudio Locht is a company of Human Resources that works with the concepts of Learnability, HR Agile and HR Makers. They love doing project experimenting in the organic evolucion, innovating the exponentical learning and co-creating the busniness.

We have worked designing the isologotype and the website, keeping in mind that the simplicity could be dynamic and playful.

"[...] we have to base ourselves on the design of the future and not in replicating past practices, understanding that the collaboration network is the true engine that mobilizes changes[...]"
-Borrajo, V. & Ponce, M.

At time passes, Estudio Locht have been growing by the years and so was the projects they have made. All these activities were necessary to be shown in their website, so we developed 3 new important sections: Certifications, Press and E-books.