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Santuario Salvajes is an animal sanctuary placed in La Plata, Buenos Aires. This place has sheltered more than 300 farm animals (cows, bulls, goats, birds, pigs, dogs, sheeps, chickens, roosters) since 2013.
The first rescued animal by his founder Jonatan was Aldebarán, a bull that still lives in the shelter and it is the main recognized animal from it.


It is a fight for raising awareness about the equality of each being, no matter the species its belongs.


This ethic involves the consciousness and moral responsibility of each aspect of life avoiding food, products and services that come from animal origin, abolishing the financing of all animal exploitation.


It is the equity and the recognition of diversity and respect, both animal and human in all social and cultural processes.


Each volunteer and collaborator has the responsibility to take action in every situation that arises. Thanks to the empathy of seeing oneself reflected, leads to respect and to act immediately in every necessary situation.


«everything in this world changes so should design» (van Nes, 2012).
The Naturalness, the Dynamism, the Organic, the Actions and the Inclusion are essential fundamentals, therefore it is necessary a branding that shows all of these concepts.

Santuario Salvajes - Logo

The main design evokes the concept of tattoos, that not only express it as a visual art, also it carrys a deep meaning as the organic and naturalness of the decisions of life and changes that each one lives. The use of laurels settle the design, glorifying the meaning and express the freedom, that this sanctuary claims.

"Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, ‘My appetite is more important than your suffering’?."
Santuario Salvajes - Isotypes Santuario Salvajes - Isotypes

The logotype is the fixed component of dynamic branding that provides identity. The typographic choice was made considering the concepts of Commitment, Struggle and Responsibility, given by the serif slab, its weight and structure; searching the tattoo style and organicity with the curvilinear axis. The essential element to complete the entire identity design are the laurels, enhancing the concept of tattoo and their meaning of glorification and freedom, visually balancing the logo and providing a representative element that you can use in other contexts.

Animals are the protagonists of the Sanctuary and the most important part in branding. These animals, that represents the organic and mutable concepts, are illustrated figuratively, keeping the simplicity of his features and portraying them with modulated black lines, appropriating the style of traditional tattoos. Its look are focused on the front, to make a relationship with the observer. Its features maintain an attitude of calm and happiness.

Santuario Salvajes - Grid
"In nature, light creates the color.
In the picture, color creates the light."
-Hans Hafmann

The primary color palette is made up by tones that conceptualize the Nature, the Organic,the Energy and Mutability.


Light Green.

Main Green.

Dark Green.


Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Isotype with plain colour.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding


Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Isotype with laurels.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Logotype on black background.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Brand on black background.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding


Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Logo on flags.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Logo on flags.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Logo on one stripe.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Isotype with laurels.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Isotype with laurels.

Santuario Salvajes - Branding

Diversity and Inclusion: Isotype with laurels.


«design should be alive» (van Nes, 2012).
It is necessary that they count with campaigns, information channels and products to sell and obtain donations and earnings to finance the expenses.

Idea for a classic t-shirt:
Isologotype on the front.

Idea for special editions: Logo on the front and all the Isotypes on the back.

Totebag design. The Isotypes are recognizable just by showing half of them.

Idea for t-shirts and tank tops: Logo on the front and Iso on the back.

"Why are vegans made fun of while the inhumane factory farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit?."
-Elliot Page

Stickers and pins of the brand.

Classic mugs with the Logotype.

Face mask with the Brand, combining the colours of the brand.

Notebook with the history and photos at the beginning, made with organic paper, plus a plantable pencil.


Instagram and Facebook are its most active social networks, updated with photographs and videos that they take collaborators and volunteers on a day-to-day basis. In the current feed, there are at least 12 types of posts.

Santuario Salvajes - Social Network
Santuario Salvajes - Social Network
Santuario Salvajes - Social Network

«Being vegan just gives you such great karma.» (Alicia Silvestone).
The Sanctuary has made several campaigns to raise money. Some vegan tattoo artists has donated their works and time, participating in Flash Day Tattoos for it.

Also, there is a current campaign about the adoption of roosters that were used for cockfights. These roosters are docile and good with people and other kind of animals, but in the Sanctuary, they have to live in a cage, because they have been trained to kill other roosters and can't live together in them same space. Please, stop cockfighting!